Please download Booking Documents here:

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WVH Risk Assessment v11
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The main hall measures 15.4m x 5.7m and our Public Entertainment Licence (music, dancing, singing, etc) include the following maximum capacities:

·         Closely seated audience 170 maximum
·         Disco or Dances 170 maximum
·         Dining only 90 maximum
·         Whist Drives or Bingo 90 maximum
·         Dancing and Dining 75 maximum

Please note that there are only 90 chairs available in the hall

 The spacious kitchen, which has a serving hatch, measures 6.6m x 4.6m; it contains
·         two cookers
·         two fridges - one small and one larder fridge
·         crockery and cutlery for 90 people
·         two catering size kettles

·         an urn is available if required

There are 5 low tables and 29 low chairs available for young children's use.

You may make your own catering and bar arrangements. In certain circumstances hirers may be able to use the Village Hall’s alcohol licence to permit the legal sale of alcohol - please see Booking Form for details.

The hall has a Premises licence (to cover playing of music, sale of alcohol etc) – terms and conditions do apply – please see Licensable Activity Form for further information.

There is a permanent stage measuring 5.7m x 2.7m and a meeting room measuring 3.9m x 4.1m